Curriculum Development

Curriculum development is not just writing a script for an instructor or educator to use. It is a process that takes into consideration the philosophy, goals, objectives, learning experiences, instructional resources, and assessments that comprise a specific educational or training program. The result is a comprehensive guide that articulates what an attendee should know and be able to do, and supports the instructor in knowing how to achieve these goals.

GBX has developed a reputation for superior service and excellence in curriculum development. We invest a great deal of time researching the design and implementation of every educational program. Curriculum development is a multi-step, ongoing and cyclical process. It begins with selecting the right team members. GBX staffs all project teams with highly skilled professionals who have years of experience in their respective educational or training field. These team members begin to plan the curriculum by identifying and assessing issues to better articulate and develop the right program. Upon implementation, GBX staff begin to evaluate the new program to ensure goals and objectives are met.

Our solutions provide all the tools necessary for instructors to engage audiences and convey materials in a professional, relatable, and memorable manner.

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