Facilitation and Training Services

GBX Consultants, Inc. has some of the best-trained, capable, and experienced facilitators and trainers in the field today. In many situations, and particularly in complex group discussions where people have different views and interests, effective facilitation can make the difference between success and failure.

Our professionals deliver comprehensive single or multi-day workshops in a variety of settings, using formulas consistent with adult learning practices to engage and motivate the audience. GBX provides in-person training events both on- and off-site, depending on the needs of our clients. Facilitators and trainers tailor events based on factors that can affect the intended outcome of the training, such as class/group size, physical environment, the organizational structure, group goals, atmosphere, and relationships. By doing so, communication and discussions result in positive outcomes.

We also employ industry best practices in the design and development of distance learning or web-based training solutions, from text-based materials to sophisticated simulations embedded in online courses.  Our instructor-led web conferencing is delivered in a virtual environment. While the instructor and audience may be in two different locations, our learning management system includes a full range of engaging features, including a presentation screen, chat rooms or breakout sessions, polling, and threaded conversations.  

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